Dental Nutrition: The impact of food and drink

Bacteria in our mouth breakdown carbohydrates and produce acids that will dissolve the enamel on teeth. This allows the bacteria to gain entry to cause cavities. We cannot live without many foods so a good oral hygiene protocol immediately after food consumption is very helpful.

infant teeth caries

Nursing Bottle Syndrome is an easily avoidable condition that affects young children who have been allowed to sip sugary liquids continuously throughout the day.
Fruit juices, soft drinks and milk all contain sugars that will stick to the teeth, cause plaque, and contribute to tooth decay. This type of tooth decay particularly attacks the upper teeth and the lower back molars.
Healthy teeth mean a healthy life. The loss of baby teeth causes the second teeth to have less space and result in serious orthodontic problems.

Carious teeth from dry fruit consumption

Dry fruits like dates, dried apricots, dried pineapple, and raisins cause serious damage on the cervical areas of the teeth and must not be consumed.

Northern European teeth are generally much weaker than those of any one else and the consumption of these foods will cause far more damage than in Southern Europeans.

Bitter fruits cause of dental decalcification

Bitter tasting fruits such as grapefruits are all acidic fruits. They may be a good source of vitamins but they do have a high acid content. Also eating raw fruit alone as a diet, will not provide the body with enough calcium and magnesium. The body needs a proper balance of minerals in order to maintain healthy teeth and bones. Teeth will become loose and can actually fall out if the proper balance is not maintained.

Fizzy drinks causing dental decacification

Fizzy drinks, along with sugary snacks, are high in unhealthy and potential cancer causing sugars and acids will keep attacking the teeth for around 20 minutes after these have been consumed. These should be totally avoided and if consumed on the rare occassion a straw must be used.

Minty sweets causing dental erosion

The consumption of minty sweets and minty chewing gum which freshen your breath also cause serious damage from the high acid content of these items and they must not be consumed.

Dry fruits - spource of dental caries

There is a wide variety of food and drink that will cause major erosion to the teeth. Acid in food causes decay, and some types of food or drink that we perceive to be healthy actually contains enough acid to cause tooth erosion. Moderation is advised.

If you are a lover of foods that are high in starch then you could be in line for dental problems. Bread, crisps and pasta are just a few of the foods that are high in Carbohydrates; in other words, sugar. These foods stick to teeth, and bacteria can have more than enough time to take hold and start the decaying process. It is important to make sure that this type of food does not sit on the teeth and gums for longer than is necessary.

We need to eat and drink so it is important that you avoid damaging, non-essential food and drink and if you do consume any potentially harmful items you must take steps to immediately clean the food off your teeth afterwards.

Starchy foods as cause of dental caries