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Salt - Its Many Therapeutic Wonders
By: Dr. M. Amir B.D.S., M.Sc. (U. of London), L.D.S., R.C.S. (England)
Dental Surgeon
First published in Positive Health Magazine and listed in bodywork, originally published in issue 155 - February 2009
Revised August 2013 and April 2019

In 1930 in order to help free India from British control, Mahatma Gandhi proposed a non-violent march protesting the BritishMahatma Gamdhi Salt Tax. The Salt Tax essentially made it illegal to sell or produce salt, allowing a complete British monopoly.

On the 2nd of March 1930, Gandhi wrote to the Viceroy, Lord Irwin: “If my letter makes no appeal to your heart, on the eleventh day of this month I shall proceed with such co-workers of the Ashram as I can take, to disregard the provisions of the Salt Laws. I regard this tax to be the most iniquitous of all from the poor man's standpoint. As the independence of the movement is essentially for the poorest in the land, the beginning will be made with this evil.”

On 6th April 1930 he picked up a lump of mud and salt, and boiled it in seawater to make the commodity which no Indian could legally produce. Thus began the long journey, which led to the independence of India from colonial rule.

The history of salt perhaps predates the dawn of life on earth. More recently some interesting points come out of Chinese history where one of the earliest verifiable salt works in prehistoric China was in the northern province of Shanxi. In this arid region of dry yellow earth and desert mountains is a lake of salty water, Lake Yuncheng. This area was in constant warfare; all of the wars were over control of the salt deposits of the lake. Chinese historians are certain that, by 6000 BC, each year, when the lake's waters evaporated in the summer sun, people harvested the square crystals on the surface of the water, a system the Chinese referred to as ‘dragging and gathering’.

Presently salt (sodium chloride) has some 14,000 uses in the home and industry. It has remained one of the cheapest commodities and the supply is endless. Additionally, it is one of the most recyclable substances.

Its use in our bodies is invaluable as it is required for metabolism to enable sweating. Sodium ions play an important role in every impulse in our bodies, and in all life where nerve conduction or ionic exchange takes place. The human body contains on average about four ounces of salt. Without enough of it, muscles will not contract, blood will not circulate, food will not digest and the heart will not beat. Without it, there would be neither awareness nor life.

There have been studies, which indicate that some of us are sensitive to excessive salt intake, but there is disagreement over how much is too much. For years, many researchers have claimed that salt may contribute to high blood pressure.

Recently, though, other researchers have begun to rehabilitate salt's reputation, claiming there is no reason for doctors to recommend reducing sodium intake for people with normal blood pressure. In fact, it has been found useful in the treatment of low blood pressure especially in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The governments want to enact laws to reduce obesity and to reduce our salt intake. Obesity's cause lies perhaps in the consumption of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) in the fast food establishments rather than the intake of salt. Also perhaps the body is craving for the essential elements which are lacking in our daily food and our bodies need to eat more and more to find these scant elements in our diet thus fueling obesity.

In spite of the many and varied uses of salt, medically long-prized as a stimulant, antiseptic and much else, salt has lost out to the pharmaceutical industry during recent history - I would suggest at our peril.

The increase in periodontal disease appears to correspond with the increased shelf space occupied by tooth pastes and mouth washes in supermarkets in the last couple of decades. One has to wonder what came first - gum disease or the modern chemical cornucopia for teeth cleaning and mouth freshening perhaps actually causing more gum disease!

Here is the paradox: if you are using a major branded, or any toothpaste, with all its claims for health and freshness, you really ought to have strong gums and sweet breath but you actually find that you have a very slimy tongue, mouth, bad breath and bleeding gums.

One often resorts to the mouthwashes but the outcome is no different and perhaps many times worse.

I have been astounded by the severely inflamed gums and often severe supporting bone loss in many a patient who is diligent about cleaning teeth. Does it not beg the question ‘what is happening in my mouth? ’ Since you are cleaning your teeth regularly, there must be something wrong with the products that you are using to clean your teeth.

Toothpaste and mouthwashes by virtue of their chemical components which say "Kills all bacteria" work against the basic tenets of medicine which is that one must not disturb the bacterial harmony on one's skin, mouth and gut.

The answer to this problem lies in a salt solution.....

Use a solution of salt, (in a ratio of a teaspoon to half a glass of warm water); pour little bits onto the toothbrush and clean your teeth with this solution. You may feel slightly awkward for a couple of days, about not using toothpaste, after which you will not notice any difference.

  • Invest in an Oral Irrigator/Water Pik to wash your teeth and gums with a spray of salt water after each meal. These are available over the Internet or from large chemists.

  • Use inter-dental brushes to clean between the teeth preferable Te Pe.

  • You can also rinse your mouth with basic cheap live natural yoghurt to re-establish bacterial balance in your mouth immediately after salt water use.

  • Visit your dentist to assess for bone loss and to see if you need more comprehensive treatment like deep scaling and cleaning of your teeth also.

Patients suffering from Leukaemia or those who need chemotherapy, anti immune drugs or radiotherapy which adversely affects the immune function experience a severe deterioration of their gum health. This gum damage is much better controlled by salt instead of any toothpaste or a mouthwash.

A patient who had suffered a bout of Leukaemia had a recurrence of her Leukaemia and complained that her biggest worry was the pain she suffered from gum problems during her previous chemotherapy session. She was advised accordingly and some months later she wrote:

"Dear Dr. Amir,
Thank you for your help, advice and treatment. I had my last chemo and I started using the mouthwashes again - as the doctor's asked, but I started getting a mouth infection again so I stopped using them and used salt washes instead like you advised. Even though my immunity was zero the infection went and I believe that those mouthwashes actually caused my infections. So I am grateful to you for averting more pain! I will call you when I know the results of my biopsy. Until then, take care.

Overcoming Body Odour....

The mouth is not the only significant organ to benefit from salt. Many people suffer from body odour, commonly known as BO. It is often localised to the armpits. Here again I suggest that the cause is unnecessary and unsympathetic products, in this case the use of deodorants. Where I come from in the developing world we had never heard of deodorants; when I used one here I rapidly developed BO under my armpits so I immediately threw it away. You may need to do the same.

The treatment for BO is to have a shower without any soap (which often contains lethal bactericidals killing the good commensal bacteria also) and while in the shower, rub salt on the affected parts, your armpits, feet or the whole body. Wait for a few minutes and wash it all off. You must not use the same towels, or any clothes that you may have been in contact with before; I would advise changing all bed linen and laundering it in very hot water. Use fresh clean clothes.

Previously worn and dirty clothes contain the same foul odour-producing bacteria and you will pick the infection up again within seconds of contact. You may have to repeat this procedure if the offending odour reappears. Above all, bin the deodorant. I know that this is hard to believe. All I can say is ‘give it a chance'. It really works almost instantly.

Salt for Acne....

Acne is also better controlled with a salt wash. Rubbing salt in localised areas of acne spots and leaving the salt in situ afterwards gives best results.

Acne appears to be intimately related with the condition of your jaws, as I have noticed from the treatment of a couple of very entrenched cases. However, this introduces the whole subject of dental alignment and treatment, which is best presented elsewhere on this website.

Salt for sore throats....

Many children and some adults develop persistent sore throats. My observation over many years in practice is that the cause is their poor dental occlusion and jaw asymmetry, which prevents proper ventilation of the breathing apparatus in their bodies. They need urgent non-extraction orthodontic attention.

Chronic sore throats are also a persistent feature of patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Correction involves a significant amount of specialised orthodontic treatment for recovery to take place. Please read the blogs on this website about CFS.

To prevent a ‘tickle’ becoming a fully developed sore throat lasting many days you need to gargle with hot salt water at the first sign of a cough, even if it occurs at 4 am. If it happens again within a few minutes gargle again. If the cough starts at say 4 am and you do not get up to gargle, this regimen will not be as effective.

Persistent use of throat lozenges is another very common cause of a chronic sore throat. You need to stop using these instead of going on to use an antibiotic, which will make the condition worse. More recently, I have seen some patients develop severe Eustachian tube infections as a complication of the sore throats. This is very difficult to treat even with antibiotics so extreme caution is advised.

You have to start at the first sign of a cough.

Years ago, I found that my twin boys took nearly 30 days off school in a year due to colds and coughs. The following year I implemented this regime and the absences reduced to two days in a whole year. This simple procedure helps asthmatics a great deal also. Here again, correction of the jaw asymmetries improves the problem in nearly all asthmatics, but we are so accustomed to using inhalers, attributing this as a medical problem, that we never seek help from the specialist orthodontist conversant with resolving this problem.

As a matter of interest Americans spend billions of dollars every year combatting the dreaded tickle in the throat.  Cough medicines don’t do any good.  “The best studies that we have to date would suggest there’s not a lot of justification for using these medications because they haven’t been shown to work,” says Dr. Richard Irwin, a professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts, and chairman of the cough guidelines committee for the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP).  

Salt for sore eyes....

Eye infections are also a common problem. Bathing your eyes in warm salt water is by far the best solution. Using an antibiotic often prolongs this problem. If the whole eyeball is red, wearing dark glasses along with the salt washes brings about a rapid resolution of symptoms.

Salt wash for ear infections....

Long term use of chlorine impregnated ear buds cause most chronic ear infections. Washing with a saline solution using a pump obtainable from the chemist quickly resolves most ear infections.
A further cause of chronic ear problems is a jaw which is held too far back by a retrognathic upper jaw which causes the condyle of the lower jaw to push against the thin skull bone which divides the jaw from the ear organ leaving less room for the ear to function. Please read this article on Labyrinthitis.
Narrow upper jaws disrupt the proper swallowing pattern causing a poor drainage of the Eustachian tubes which drain the inner ear into the throat. More comprehensive orthodontic treatment is needed to widen and advance the jaws.

Insect Bites.......

These are also best treated by wetting the bitten area with water and rubbing salt on the wound immediately after being bitten and repeating this procedure if required. In fact Arabs living in sandy countries rub salt on wounds from insect bites. Obviously sand is impregnated with salt molecules which provide the true benefit. This works amazingly well for most benign bites and immediately gets rid of the itch. It should be used on all insect bites before seeking help for more serious insect bites needing specialist care. It is noteworthy that while topical antihistamines are widely recommended for bites, according to the British journal “Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin” there is no evidence that they are particularly effective.

Cold sores....

Cold sores are small blisters that develop on the lips or around the mouth. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Various antiviral creams are available and are mostly completely useless even when applied at the first sign of the cold sore emerging. Professor Giovanni from St... Barts in a blog on antivirals for MS says: "The earlier trials of the anti-herpes drug acyclovir were negative in MS, but this drug, and its derivative valcyclovir, are not really effective against most of the herpes viruses including HHV-6.

The quickest way to resolve a cold sore is to keep applying salt to the emerging sore every hour or so. This often aborts the attack on the first day even before the sore has time to break into a blister. All of these suggestions consistently use salt as a natural remedy that respects the balance within the body, and works for the vast majority if the instructions are followed carefully. However, if the issue does not resolve please consult your physician.

Avoiding antibiotics....

Apart from using salt to reduce reliance on antiseptics and antibiotics, efforts are underway to take us away from the culture of stronger and stronger antibiotics, which send the bacteria on the offensive to produce resistant strains.

One interesting strategy is to try to prevent bacteria from clinging to cells of the body. No adhesion means no infection. Most bacteria cause infection by first sticking to mucosal cells through proteins called lectins on their surface, to the carbohydrate segments on the cells of the host tissue.

Breast milk contains complex sugars that prevent bacterial lectins from binding thus preventing infections in infants.

Uterine infections...

D-Mannose, a sugar that adheres to a broad variety of uterine bacteria, when used to flush a mare’s uterus, restored fertility, which was previously prevented because of chronic uterine infections. It appears that keeping D-Mannose tablets at home ready to use at the first sign of a utrerine infection helps obviate the need for antibiotics. Patients inform me that when taken with an antibiotic, if one is already on one, also resolves the infection far sooner.

Xylitol, a 5-carbon sugar alcohol prevents dental caries in children. A chewing gum containing xylitol was shown to reduce ear infections by 40%. the same mechanism operates with the use of cranberry juice for urinary tract infections.

Try these effective, simple programmes for yourself. You will also contribute to saving the environment from hundreds of chemicals leaching into the soil and millions of aerosol cans playing havoc with the protective ozone layer in our upper atmosphere.

Please note: People with high blood pressure should have it monitored to see if it gets elevated in which case consult your specialist to see if you can use Potassium salt instead. Please also read this article on high Blood pressure

To find out how to deal with your periodontal problems or halitosis please:

  • Call us for an appointment. on 0208 780 3433
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Save Your Wisdom Teeth - The Risks of Dental Extractions
By: Dr. M Amir B.D.S., M.Sc. (U. of London), L.D.S., R.C.S. (England)
Dental Surgeon
Originally published in issue 87 Positive health Magazine - April 2003
Revised Oct 2014 & April 2019

Imagine you have just been told that you have to have your wisdom teeth extracted or maybe you have already had them removed. If this applies to you and especially if you suffer from any ill health it is imperative that you read this article.Wisdom toth horizontal impaction

Wisdom teeth are the last of the adult or permanent dentition to develop. They are the third molars. They are often partially erupted with some of their surface covered by gum. This can lead to infection under the gum flap (pericoronitis) or decay in the crown of the wisdom tooth itself. They can also allow to let food get trapped and lead to decay in the tooth in front.

Very occasionally they can be associated with other pathology in the jaw, such as cysts.

The extraction of wisdom teeth for the most trivial reason has been a common phenomenon in dentistry. These teeth are often extracted to prevent the supposed 'overcrowding of lower anterior teeth later in life'. Occasionally they are enucleated (removed) at age 14 before they have fully developed. Experience shows that wisdom teeth do not bring about crowding in the anterior teeth. There us a different reason for such crowding.

Wisdom tooth Mesio angular impactionThe National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in Great Britain issued the following guidelines to reduce the extraction of wisdom teeth saying that the teeth could be extracted for the following exceptional reasons:

  • Cellulitis, abscess & osteomyelitis (Severe bony infection);
  • Non-treatable pulpal and/or periapical pathology (nerve abscess);
  • Un-restorable caries (decay);
  • External internal resorption of the tooth or adjacent teeth;
  • Fracture of tooth;
  • Disease of follicle including cyst/tumor;
  • Tooth within the field of tumor resection.;
  • Tooth impeding reconstructive jaw surgery.

In all other cases the wisdom teeth were to be largely left in place except for "recurrent pericoronitis". The above reasons for not extracting the teeth were circulated to dentists to additionally save the British National Health Service some L5 million a year. This directive is largely welcome but misses out on some real issues affecting patient health when the extraction of wisdom teeth is contemplated either within or outside of any governmental contract.

The relationship of the extraction of wisdom teeth or any other teeth and the effect this has on health is ill understood and it is imperative that in the light of new knowledge the extraction of these teeth be severely curtailed. It is both for the practitioner and the patient to note that our wisdom teeth provide essential support in the back of the mouth and this support is absolutely essential for the health of the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

A minority of the population who show no evidence of wisdom teeth in radiographic scans are a freak evolutionary accident. It is not the consequence of the "more evolved upright Caucasian face". In fact it is what I would term as 'retrograde evolution'. When the teeth are congenitally missing there is no effect on the attainment of puberty. This has given rise to millions, especially amongst the European races, who have missing wisdom teeth.

The loss of the wisdom teeth appears to drive the jaws backwards. Please see photos below. This affects the temporomandibular joint which is located just in front of the ears where the jaw hinges with your skull. Temporo Mandibular Joint

In some cases on opening and closing the jaw you may feel and hear a click. The disc (Meniscus as below) housed between the skull and the lower jaw slipping out of its position and going back into position causes this click.

Any backward movement or side to side shift of the jaw can cause an imbalance of the head upon the neck which has to rotate and distort to balance the head. This comes about by a change of tone in the head and neck muscles to maintain head balance upon the neck. The muscles supporting the head fire repeatedly causing tension and pain around the neck and shoulder muscles.

The neck distortion causes a compensatory distortion of the lower spine and a rotation of the hips leading to numerous health problems. Please read my article on the hip jaw connection.

Your mouth, jaws and indeed the entire head are served by the Trigeminal nerve, which provides 60% of the sensory input to the brain. It is most sensitive to the slightest change in the symmetry of the dental complex. Gross interferences like the extraction of wisdom teeth cause a severe imbalance of the head on the neck and an absolute havoc with the neurological, muscular and skeletal balance of the whole body.

Trigeminal nerve supply

The jaw asymmetry gives rise to to an inability to breathe effectively giving rise to breathing problems and fatigue. The patients get branded into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Please read the article at this link.

Tens of thousands are ill with numerous symptoms almost entirely caused bty the extraction of their wisdom teeth.

The distortion of the neck vertebrae causes neck pain. This distortion is compensated by an opposite compensatory distortion of the lower back, which next results in a forward rotation of the pelvis on the affected side. Hip asymmetry resulting in lower back pains or sciatic nerve pains will not be uncommon. A clinical short leg is the consequence of hip asymmetry as you might have heard your chiropractor or osteopath mention.

Over the last 50 or so years dentists have attributed various illnesses as directly linked to the ill health of the jaw joint. Numerous references can be found on the Internet. We have found a link in the following conditions; some remain to be proven but most are likely to be caused by Temporo mandibular joint dysfunction:

These are listed alphabetically and there is a very high likelihood that cranio-dental and skeletal asymmetry are the sole cause of most of these symptoms:
Table of illnesses most likely related to a duysfunctional jaw joint


A patient writes:
“I have been passed the article about you in the Evening Standard and have read it with great interest. I too have MS which started 13 years ago after having all of my wisdom teeth extracted under general anaesthetic. Straight after the operation I could not walk properly on my left side, dragging my leg. The doctor advised it was weak muscles and to go to the gym - which I tried and failed. I simply could not move the machines with my legs. After a year I sought complementary therapy and continue to do so, to varying degrees of help. (Over the years my condition has deteriorated and I have been formerly diagnosed since Dec. ‘05.) Along the way it has been suggested that my jaws are not in alignment which is why the article on your approach was so interesting.” S.G.

Many patients have some or many of the symptoms. Conventionally you could go to a whole range of medical consultants and have an exhaustive array of pathological tests and at the end of it you may be as perplexed about your condition as your medical practitioner.

In the normal course of events you will be finally referred to the psychiatrist for perhaps  “hypochondriasis” as one ME/CFS document famously put it.

You obviously challenge this and ironically automatically get weaned out of the health system into the “alternative world”.

Many in the dental and medical field will question what is hypothesized here. However in the light of my experience I feel it incumbent upon me to bring to their attention as well as to the patient who is on the receiving end some important issues.

Extreme caution is better than blatant interference with no turning back.

The whole of the dental profession has to re-evaluate the necessity of extracting wisdom teeth. It is incumbent upon the profession to take the following points into consideration:

• Where the patient already suffers from any of the related disease processes listed above, as it would often not only exacerbate those conditions but also potentially bring on additional symptoms.

• Where a patient has had any extraction orthodontics, worn a headgear, elastics or any appliance to retract the upper jaw backwards. This also includes the use of twin block appliances, Bionator type appliances and bite raising appliances worn for longer than a couple of months.

• Where a patient has genetically inherited small teeth or has some missing teeth. This includes 2nd incisors, second premolars or any other teeth. It also includes teeth which remain unerupted like canines and a space must be left open for them for future implantation.  

• Where a patient has jaw size discrepancies, e.g. lower jaw smaller than the upper jaw. These are not genetic traits but caused by environmental factors.

Picture before extraction of wisdom teeth Picture after extraction of wisdom teeth Picture after orthodontic treatment

Please note the changes in this patient’s profile. The patient led a healthy life until the extraction of her wisdom teeth.

It is rare to find evidence of changes to the appearance of a patient following the extraction of the wisdom teeth.

I was lucky enough to find this case and obtain the patients consent for publication.

The photograph is her appearance before the extraction of her wisdom teeth.

Please note the prominent lower face, upper lip, cheek bones which are providing a good support for her eyes.

This photograph shows the appearance after 18 months of the extraction event.

Please note how the chin has receded and a flattening of the cheekbones has taken place resulting in an inadequate support for the eyes.

At this stage the patient had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ with a myriad of some 40 symptoms. She had chronic cystitis for 3 years with many acute phases during which she suffered very intense crippling pain for many days at a time.

Medical attention with the use of antibiotics and many alternative therapies gave her no respite. The symptoms only abated after jaw symmetry corrective treatment.

This picture shows the patient in the recovery phase after intervention to correct the jaw abnormality.

She has completely recovered from the symptoms from which she was suffering. However the support for the eyes still remains poor.

It is difficult to achieve what was lost by the extraction of the wisdom teeth. These photographs are a testament to what is being postulated in this article.

Would you take the risk of having your wisdom teeth or any other teeth extracted? Unless the teeth can be replaced by implants extreme caution must be exercised.

The deterioration of her profile is evidence enough of what a dramatic change in the appearance and health of the patient can take place. The relationship between Craniofacial and skeletal symmetry and health is beyond any doubt after encountering very many patients with a multitude of serious illnesses.

The extraction of these teeth must be avoided even if all the above criteria are not applicable. Often the jaws do not fully develop and this will be evidenced by the concomitant existence of ill health. At this point orthodontic intervention becomes necessary.

The teeth and jaws play a major part when any patient experiences almost any health problem. In their differential diagnosis all health care practitioners should make a Jaw evaluation their primary concern - not extensive blood tests,

virology, Scans etc. which all invariable turn out to be a futile exercise and end up drowning socialized medicine into oblivion and into the hands of those less concerned with social purpose and patient care. Patients treated under privatised medicine get bankrupted using modalities of care which have zilch to do with the cause of their illness.

The interventions required to correct the jaw abnormalities require a sea change in the dental philosophies, which have been put forth over decades. The concept of “too many teeth and not enough bone to house them” (Standard text book orthodontics in most universities) has to be passed to the history books where it belongs. This concept over-rode the observations of Dr. Weston Price some 70 years ago who noted the marked change in the shape of the European face and dentition following the introduction of processed foods. The face became more upright, lost its natural prognathism and this was construed as the norm from which the dangerous concept of ‘dentoalveolar disproportion’ came about and hence the abundant practice of removing “excess teeth” and surgically reducing jaw sizes.

The adoration of the upright face against the prognathic African face has also come to haunt the many eugenicists of the last century!

The effects of pollution, the artificial ingredients in our diet, processed foods containing Mono sodium Glutamate, low calorie drinks containing aspartame and other artificial sugars which kill off brain cells, the lack of trace elements in our vegetables, radiation from excessive Depleted Uranium explosions around the middle east, dioxin poison, the oestrogen like chemicals in the plastic bottles that we drink from are all having a devastating effect on the development of the face, teeth, jaws and the cranium and subsequently or concomitantly the rest of the body.

The latest calamity to hit mankind is GM foods. These are Genetically poisoned not modified foods. They take in weed killers which are present in their seeds and will cause cancer and sterility. Their children are just as vulnerable.

In fact evolution is following a downward retrograde path. The incidence of abnormalities and illnesses like fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, asthma and autism are having an exponential leap in reported statistics in western society. This has been calculated after allowing for improvements in diagnosis. In these circumstances one can do very little without prolonged intervention. This is the subject of another article but suffice it to say that it is very important that we err towards caution and non-extraction rather than blatant and gross interference with what nature has provided for us. Taking great care with what we eat is absolutely necessary to avoid the pitfalls and ill health which await just round the corner.

The relationship of wisdom teeth to the evolving field of Craniomandibular and Skeletal Symmetry and its relationship to health is a very small aspect of this challenging field. It offers prospects beyond anyone's imagination. Dentists are in a unique position to bring about a great deal of relief where medicine has been nothing more than palliative care to the millions of sufferers with chronic ailments. It calls for them to rise up to the challenges that lie ahead. It gives you as the patient a hope and an answer that may have been elusive until now.

Since the article was written I have received many reports confirming my suspicions. Here is another one::
“I came across an article that you wrote about all of the problems that can arise from wisdom tooth extraction. I have had a series of strange problems since my wisdom teeth were taken out a few years ago. The most troubling is that my coordination, balance and range of motion throughout my body has diminished. I have neck and shoulder pain and discomfort. At times it is difficult to hold my head above my body.” S.E. Los Angeles April 2014.

 Not everyone who has had their wisdom teeth extracted will suffer in the way mentioned. However it is always wise to be careful rather than regret after the event. If you have been advised to have your teeth extracted it may be in your interest to complete our copyrighted questionnaire to see if you may be susceptible to any adverse outcome if you have your wisdom teeth extracted.

"In 2014 I extracted both of my bottom wisdom teeth within a few month of each other. Soon after that I began experiencing sudden excruciating sharp pains in my right hip, which happened randomly when walking. I couldn't comfortably walk for more than about an hour or so, my hips were getting very tired and painful quickly, and I had to take a long rest to recover. I also started experiencing pain in my knees. Sometime it is difficult for me using the stairs and getting into/out of sitting position. I always instinctively favour my right leg, often putting all my weight on the left leg. My hips always feel the strain at the end of the day.

I also noticed that at about the same time, after extraction of my wisdom teeth, my eye sight deteriorated and I started using reading glasses".........Y. B.

"Thank you for your time and care with my jaw problems. Your unique orthodontic approaches have given me my life back. My problems began when all four of my wisdom teeth were mistakenly removed in St.. Thomas’s Hospital, London.

My health deteriorated rapidly starting with a frozen shoulder and progressing to extreme dizziness, head-over-the-hammer headaches, tinnitus, numbness in limbs and tiredness. At first, I didn't put the two things together and I thought maybe I had a brain tumour, the symptoms seemed to match. After a brain scan, I was told everything was fine. I remember feeling really upset that I still didn't know what was wrong with me"......M Gorman.

The public interest is best served by informing them about the risks of the extraction of these teeth. Thousands of patients are ill because of this very reason. My article first appeared during 2003.

  • If you have been advised to have your teeth extracted it may be in your interest to find out if you are susceptible to any adverse outcome from the extraction of your wisdom teeth, please complete our unique Questionnaire. (Cost £29.00)

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Atlas Asymmetry the Overlooked Phenomenon

Dr. M. Amir BDS, M.Sc, (London)
Revised April 2014

Did you know that the Atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is out of equilibrium and dislocated in most of us, and that many chronic ailments, including headaches and backache, are possibly related to just this imbalance?

The award winning author of the book 'Correction of the Atlas-Fundamental discovery or hoax', Francis George-Perrin says:

"It is difficult to stomach that a fundamental element of human beings' equilibrium has gone unnoticed for centuries in the auditoriums of academic teachings."

However, during my research I discovered that DD Palmer, the inventor of Chiropractic, discovered this anomaly towards the end of the 19th century. He discovered this amongst 97% of his subjects and, in fact, Chiropractic was started to correct just this one imbalance. Atlas correction has continued in some practices using a technique called Atlas Orthogonal.

The tragedy is that this knowledge was confined to alternative practitioners. Mainstream medicine, always at odds with the alternative; by design or accident, has ignored this observation, or has not realised the impact on health of this irregularity and barged on with palliative drug treatment which nearly always masks the underlying prgdcoblem making it more chronic. Femoral head vascular damage from Steroid use

It often becomes untreatable if the damage has continued for too long. This can be seen very often in "MS" patients where the pinched nerves because of skeletal asymmetry problems have permanently damaged the function of an arm or a leg.

Analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections for shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, are the order of the day while the underlying problem continues to worsen. Here one must note the serious damage due to blockage of blood vessels of the femoral head (top of thigh bone) as a consequence of steroid use, which may lead to even more disability in 'MS' patients.

This mode of treatment eventually often necessitates surgical interventions for a replacement hip..

I spent years with many Chiropractic and Osteopathic practitioners of repute, but never once heard about the fact that the Atlas was misaligned until a few years ago, when I had the good fortune of attending an evening talk on Atlas asymmetry and was astounded how amazingly well some patients had done with a newer form of this correction. I immediately realised that this would complement the work I have been doing for many years, which is correcting the Jaw joint and the teeth to bring about symmetry in the patient's head, jaws and body.

Symmetry of the Cranio-dental complex and the skeleton appears to be a key to the proper Rogerfunctioning of our brain, the intake of nutrients, the intake of oxygen and the proper functioning of all the organs of the body. Roger Sperry who won the Nobel Prize for brain research in 1981 states that:

"More than 90% of the energy output of the brain is used in relating to the physical body in its gravitational field. The more mechanically distorted a person is the less energy available for thinking, metabolism and healing."

Although I had been very successful in alleviating many health problems, especially in those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, by achieving tooth and jaw symmetry, I was alarmed that the Atlas imbalance was possibly impacting the dental corrections as some patients took significantly longer to correct than others.

The negative impact of poor jaw development resulting in crowded teeth is a very common occurrence. Subsequent extraction orthodontics and problems with the jaw joints are very frequent amongst most patients who are ill with chronic ailments.

Perhaps Atlas asymmetry is also a phenomenon which we have failed to notice but has gone uncorrected contributing to jaw asymmetryWeston Price and vice versa - in the first place.

Why is it so?

A lot of the answers come from the work of Dr. Weston Price who, in 1939, published "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" - a book that details a series of ethnographic nutritional studies performed across diverse communities

In his studies he found that the plagues of modern civilization (headaches, general muscle fatigue, dental caries (cavities), impacted molars, tooth crowding, allergies, heart disease, asthma, and degenerative diseases, such as cancer, were not present in those cultures sustained by indigenous diets.

However, within a single generation these same cultures experienced all the above ailments with the inclusion of western foods in their diet, such as refined sugars, refined flours, canned goods, etc.

His studies should have been taken very seriously.

Experience shows that optimal function needs absolute symmetry to the last millimeter in no uncertain terms

Our western style of living has brought often absolute disaster to our health in general. Every family has to spend a substantial amount of their income and savings on health care.

In February 2019, a new study from academic researchers found that 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues —either because of high costs for care or time out of work. An estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills, in the USA.

In spite of the knowledge imparted by Dr. Weston Price, which is now some 70 years-old, no government has done the slightest amount of work to eliminate that which is plain dangerous, damaging peoples health which needs phenomenal amounts of health care spending with no end in sight. The general direction has been, and is, to ram raid humanity into a dark age of sickness, disease, and perhaps ultimately into oblivion - GMO or rather genetically poisoned crops are the final nail in the coffin which is going to take humanity to the point of no return in many communities across the globe.

No amount of expenditure on health appears to be sufficient for the bottomless pit of what I must call – a largely manufactured iatrogenic plethora of diseases. Governments are in the pockets of the corporations who have very little interest in any altruism or social purpose. This short sighted ness is plunging humanity into an abyss like never before.

I do not think that Dr. Weston Price was aware of the asymmetry of the Atlas vertebrae. A lot of work needs to be done as to the exact mechanism which causes the Atlas asymmetry and poor facial development but for now we can try and understand the physical impact of such an asymmetry.

The crowded teeth come from a poor swallowing pattern that children develop.

I previously attributed this to the use of dummies, feeders, and open mouth breathing in the stuffy bedrooms in which children often sleep. Although this is still a contributory factor, it suddenly dawned on me that having an asymmetric atlas would affect the function of the nerve to the tongue – The hypoglossal nerve.

The occipital condyles, through which the Hypoglossal nerve travels, actually rest on the first cervical vertebra, the Atlas, and if it is out of position it would physically alter the shape of the Hypoglossal canal through which the hypoglossal nerve emanates. This probably disturbs some fibers giving rise to a poor swallowing function. Poor swallowing patterns are the root cause of poor jaw and tooth arch development.

The consequent dental and jaw asymmetries cause a ripple effect throughout the skeleton. The weight bearing on the neck vertebrae changes which have to three dimensionally realign to balance the head.

Orthodontic abnormalities also impact the Atlas and a dentist or a TMJ specialist cannot function without paying a close attention to both the Atlas and the jaws. The more attention I pay to both the more the mysteries of illness get unraveled.

Other consequences caused by an asymmetric Atlas: The rest of the neck vertebrae sitting below the asymmetric Atlas rotate one way, while the lower spine rotates in the opposite direction in trying to compensate for the upper asymmetry. This causes the hips to rotate, with one hip rotating forward while the other rotates backwards. This rotation of the hips causes one leg to be shorter than the other. Many of you may have been told by your physical therapist that you have one leg shorter than the other. Please be warned that this is not an actual short leg and does not need a heal lift. We call it a 'clinical short leg'.

These asymmetries of the spine and hips can cause:

  • Neck pain and stiffness;
  • Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, stiffness and numbness;
  • Arm pains and numbness;
  • Back pain, hip pain and sciatic nerve pain
  • Leg, knee, foot pains and numbness;
  • Very cold hands and feet;
  • Disturbances to the motor function of the muscles.

Analgesics or steroid injections are not the answer as the cause is a physical asymmetry. Conventional treatment leads to unnecessary surgery in later life. Hip replacements in late life when patients can least tolerate such surgery are a typical example.

Above the asymmetric Atlas vertebra, the cranium becomes unlevel leading to an asymmetry of the eyes and the occiput, which physically alters the shape of the cerebellum, leading to problems with fine motor control of the skeletal muscles, and also causing problems like dyslexia, gait abnormalities, visual disturbances and learning difficulties. Dyslexia has been shown to be centered in the cerebellar area of the brain.

A misaligned Atlas may press onto the carotid artery, the Vagus nerve and the internal jugular vein as these structures are in intimate contact with the transverse process of the forwardly rotated Atlas vertebrae.

Neurological disturbances other than the Hypoglossal nerve mentioned earlier, and vascular disturbances affect a number of other important vessels and nerves also:

The Vagus and the Cervical Sympathetic chain: The effects of asymmetry here can affect the function of many organs in the body, leading to digestive and blood pressure problems. Dr. Sclafani an authority on CCSVI treatment in New York says: "This is a risk of dilating the carotid impression. There are nerve fibers in that region of the carotid artery (the carotid bulb) that regulate heart rate. Inflating the balloon in that area can result in stimulation of the Vagus nerve and its fibers that result in bradycardia and shock".

The accessory nerve: (External branch), which crosses the transverse process of the atlas; either pierces or runs deep to the sternomastoid, which it supplies. At the middle of the posterior border of the sternomastoid, the accessory nerve crosses the posterior triangle obliquely. It then passes deep to the anterior border of the trapezius and supplies that muscle. Pain and stiffness in these two muscles is almost universal in patients with any kind of head, neck or back pain. Atlas and jaw asymmetry is nearly always the underlying cause of such pain.

The internal jugular vein and the Carotid artery: These lie in close proximity to each transverse process with the artery and vein lying anteriorly. The asymmetry would compromise the blood flow through one side. Additionally the lower portion of the vessel lies in the interval between the two heads of the sternomastoid. The overworked muscles may indeed be behind the recently discovered obstruction of the internal jugular veins known as Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) in cases of Multiple Sclerosis

The overworked muscles may indeed be behind the recently discovered obstruction of the internal jugular veins known as Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) in cases of Multiple Sclerosis in a number of cases.

The Phrenic nerve: This nerve supplies the diaphragm. Disturbances here can lead to a reduced breathing capacity. After Atlas correction we have seen immediate improvement in the patient's breathing capacity in a majority of cases which is an absolutely phenomenal discovery.

The Vertebral artery: This artery traverses through the transverse process of the Atlas. The blood flow through it can be reduced, leading to a lesser flow on one side of the cerebellum than the other contributing to vision and gait problems. Other neurological effects have been discerned when patients have suffered whiplash injuries to the Atlas, and there is a lot on the worldwide web on this subject.

Knowing how an asymmetric Atlas could affect life, and how one could improve matters, I embarked on a journey to see how this could complement my treatment and to objectively determine if there was any validity to the claims being made. After considerable expenditure I acquired the skills of an expert and the equipment to learn how to carry out this treatment.

After conducting many corrections with or without orthodontic corrections it was concluded that Jaw treatment alone generally corrected the Atlas asymmetry in a number of patients. During subsequent work on new patients it was observed that if the Atlas treatment was conducted in the absence of an appropriate dental appliance the benefits appeared to be minimal. Only a very few patients appeared to qualify for exclusive Atlas correction.

Treatment protocols have been modified so that attention is paid to the correction of Jaw asymmetry problems for a few weeks. Patients are then re-evaluated and if they still need Atlas correction this is carried out.

The figure of 99.9% needing Atlas correction treatment as claimed by the originators of this technique is too farfetched*.There appears to be an intimate link between tooth jaw position and Atlas imbalance.

We discovered that for best results the tooth jaw relationship was the primary correction which must be undertaken first. It was not possible to rely just on the correction of the Atlas. All new cases are now treated for both conditions as each is so dependent on the other. The need for Atlas correction has largely diminished as the orthodontic protocols have been modified. The consequence has been a faster relief from symptoms. The results as shown in the testimonials below, while unscientific, support the conjectures made in this article.

A couple of years on I can confidently say that this has been the most amazing revelation to my repertoire of treatments. The results have been permanent for a vast majority of patients. The hips maintaining a level status. The short leg phenomenon disappears.

A more up to date realisation (April 2019) is that if the Jaw symmetry treatment is liased with the symmetry of the Atlas vertebrae hardly any correction of the Atlas is required. It corrects itself. I have not had to correct any ones's Atlas for some 2 years now.

Keeping in mind the state of the Atlas vertebrae and actually the symmetry of the hips, which is easier to determine, has improved the outcomes of treatment phenomenally. These symmetries are of crucial importance in bringing about healing in MS, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia patients and many other symptoms.

Correcting the Atlas without having a quantitative objective measurement without expensive scans which must be repeated is difficult. Existing technology with Cat Scans etc. are also plain dangerous because of unnecessary radiation. After a lot of research we came across the equipment below. This is now installed in our office and provides very safe objective measurements which also surpass any evaluations obtained through radiography.

DIERS formetric 4D Static-dynamic procedure for analysing the spine, body measurements, and posture:

The DIERS formetric 4D analysis system permits rapid static and dynamic (functional) optical measurement of the human back and spine. The procedure is radiation-free and operates without contact. Numerous clinical parameters for objective analysis of body statics, posture, scoliosis, and all forms of spinal deformities can be shown. The new 4D technology leads into functional clinical measurement technology, to increase measurement precision (4D averaging) and to avoid postural variances. We mainly measure the pelvic tilt following Orthodontic treatment and/or after Atlasbalance™ treatment.
Image 12nd imageThese images show the change after 7 weeks of Jaw correction. The effect on the Pelvis is absolutely phenomenal. This is a sought after goal by many practitioners. This kind of hip asymmetry can cause very many health problems e.g. sciatic nerve pain, leg, knee, foot pains or numbness and it may need hip replacement surgery eventually. In women it can be a cause of major gynaecological dysfunction. The treatment also corrects the short leg permanently without any hip manipulation.

Here is a summary of some facts about the misalignment of the Atlas vertebra:

  • For many people the trauma of birth leads to a misalignment of the Atlas (first cervical vertebra)
  • Traumas such as whiplash or falls may cause or further accentuate misalignment of the Atlas vertebra.
  • Conventional medicine does not consider misalignment of the Atlas vertebra a possible cause of disorders in the patient. As a result this problem nearly always goes undiagnosed.
  • Failure to diagnose the problem is due to the fact that misalignment of the Atlas does not show up in regular X-rays or magnetic-resonance imaging.
  • A multi-slice helical CT scan allows misalignment to be detected clearly and measured, but only if the radiologist sets up the CT machine for this purpose.
  • Leaving aside severe dislocations of the vertebrae requiring surgery, conventional medicine offers no treatment to correct the misalignment of the first cervical vertebra.
  • A single ATLASBALANCE™ session is all that is needed to permanently return the Atlas to the correct position provided the jaw is in its correct position.
  • Many consider that acting on the neck area is dangerous. You should know that any potential danger is limited to high velocity chiropractic manipulations. The ATLASBALANCE™ method uses a completely new, risk free principle, which has nothing to do with chiropractic, osteopathy or any other neck cracking methods.

    "The jaw misalignment has a direct effect on the way the skull sits on the spine and can exert external pressures which can increase venous hypertension. I think this is a major factor in MS and we shall be investigating this in the future"

    Dr. Tom Gilhooley & Vascular Surgeon Mr. Donald Reid of the CCSVI clinic in Edinburgh December 2011 in an Email received at our office said:

    "I actually think this is going to be huge. It will improve the results of CCSVI intervention which are already very good".

Arm pain: As you know I have had my Atlas adjustment a couple of weeks ago and ever since I felt quite a few positive changes. Firstly, my neck and shoulders do not feel stiff anymore. I suffered from tension in this area for the past 7-8 years due to long hours of practicing piano every day. Furthermore due to the latter reason, I have been experiencing arm pain starting from the wrist. Other doctors have diagnosed me with beginning of tendonitis, however after the treatment the pain has totally disappeared and I feel that my playing is much freer and tension-free.

My constant headaches have also disappeared and I'm sleeping much better at night and waking up refreshed and with a clear head. Finally I also had a knee pain which I started feeling 4 months ago which is also gone!

I would like to take the opportunity to show my appreciation and deeply thank you for having suggested this Atlas treatment for me. It has really had a tremendous positive effect and I not only feel much better physically, but I also feel my piano playing has been improving drastically since! Many thanks!
Marcelle Zahra, July 2008

Backache: Mr. Jones presented with very severe backache, which was preventing him from being able to work without significant discomfort. He was unable to get into or out of his car without a huge painful effort. He could only minimally lean forward. Examination showed the presence of Atlas asymmetry and a deviation of his lower jaw towards one side. Atlas treatment took away 50% of the symptoms on the first day. He was fitted with a dental appliance the next day which very quickly corrected the jaw deviation, and his symptoms disappeared within three days. He also reported a significant improvement to his eyesight and cancelled his appointment with the optician for a new pair of glasses.

"Many thanks for fixing my back last week. Agony to bliss in three days isn't bad! I'm always amazed that such apparently abstract treatment has such an effect on wellbeing. Suffice to say I remain in your debt and will continue to champion your methods amongst my more sceptical associates until they too see the light!"
Mr. R. Jones November 2008

Backache: I had a treatment called 'Atlasbalance™' by Mr. Amir. From assessment to treatment in one hour! No clicking or anything, just a strong vibration. I was skeptical, but was due to have steroid injections in my vertebra on Wednesday at a private Hospital which I've cancelled. The pain on sitting down has gone. Unbelievable. I believe he is on to something that is going to impact hugely the care of backache. I always knew he was clever, but now I think he's is a genius.
Elaine Miller, Middlesex, UK, 16/11/2009 20:51 Evening Standard

Breathing: The Atlas treatment that you gave me yesterday has definitely had a positive effect. I had quite a bad headache after the treatment but honestly I can't tell if that was just coincidence because I do tend to get those when I come down to London. I'm feeling a sense of calmness that I didn't have before like everything has slowed down a bit, more relaxed. I can definitely take a bigger breath with my chest like my lung capacity has improved. I've got better feeling all over my body, particularly in my legs and feet - they feel more grounded. My pelvis feels level and my posture has improved a bit. My lower back feels better; my sinuses seem to be clearer, I can really feel the air rolling in against the back of my throat when I take a breath. I only wish I could take these deep breaths from my tummy instead of the chest. I know I have the ability it's just that my tummy feels tight and locked down by tight muscles unable to properly expand and take in the air I need.

I'm still evaluating the effect of it all really. I hope it lasts and continues to show results. I'll let you know anything else that happens or if I have forgotten anything.
Mark Usher, February 2009

Clicking Jaw: Thank you very much for all the work you did. I have a lot more energy, my jaw isn't clicking or feeling as uncomfortable as it used to, and I'm not getting shin splint. It's fantastic and I'm feeling so much better - I'm more alive! I'm still getting a little back ache, but not major. I think this is only because of standing up for long periods of time.
Vienna, February 2010

Digestion: "When I was first told about this I was a little sceptical that it would be of any benefit to me. After all I did not suffer from any back pain or any of the typical symptoms it seemed to be instantly curing in other patients. [Having had the Atlas corrected] I was a little tired on the first evening as my body integrated the work, but that night I had a very deep sleep.

The next day I felt nothing short of amazing - I definitely had more energy and was really proactive at work, and I know this is directly linked to my lungs suddenly being able to take in more oxygen when I breathe, but the biggest shift for me has been my digestion!!! For 36 years now my digestion and the foods I can and cannot eat have been a continual problem for me.

I think that orthodontists cannot possibly operate without this knowledge and how to put it right. The farcical divisions of medicine are an absolute anathema

I am often underweight and can't eat many food types without getting a foggy head and strong lethargy. I have paid a lot of money and spent a lot of time with various nutritionists. For the past two days I have been eating rich heavy foods that I would not normally eat and felt absolutely fine. Even at a work lunch today my colleagues commented on how much food I was eating. Normally I have a safe salad and a little bread as I get filled up easily. I was able to eat a proper three-course meal pretty much for the first time in my life.

I cannot thank you enough for this treatment. I am bringing my whole family along to have this done as I know it will help each of them; my dad's digestion problems, mum's asthma, my sister's inability to conceive and my brother's sinus problems. This work is nothing short of amazing...thank you for taking the time and effort to train in it and bringing it to us. I Feel Great!!!"
Miss P Churchill

Eye symptoms: Sorry I have been up a mountain and had no email. I have been very happy with the results of the Atlas adjustment. I feel so much freer in my upper neck and head. I have felt stuck there for some 30 years and knew something was wrong, but no osteopath ever offered me that adjustment it feels wonderful!
I have had no headache or eye symptoms (burning/migraine light patterns) since the treatment and will continue to observe as it is still early days, but am feeling very positive about it.
I have more movement and that "something is not quite right" feeling I could never describe has gone. The tight muscles deep under my Atlas have released and the puffy congested feeling gone. It feels as if the solid thing that was not moving is free again. I can't tell you how terrible it has been to have that 24 hours a day.
I believe that my Atlas has been out since I was 5 when I fell on my head twice and my tinnitus began.
Many many thanks. I am so glad grace smiled on me the day I walked into your clinic.
Michele P. July 2008

Facial appearance: Thank you so much for treating me. The Atlas treatment is brilliant. I sleep much deeper and my face looks different. An improved different. I always felt as if there was something not quite right with my neck and I'm sure that has done the trick. It as an uncomfortable sensation having the treatment but a needed pressure and the results are well worth a short time of being uncomfortable whilst the treatment is being done. As this is a very new treatment in the UK I feel privileged to have been able to find you. Thank you.
Linda Maria Whitaker, June 2008

Posture: "I have suffered with Thoracic Kyphosis and neck/shoulder problems for the last 15 years or more. This has been a major problem, not least of all because I have been a professional athlete and sports coach for much of that time. In that time, I have consulted with and practiced just about every form of postural re-alignment and spinal procedure imaginable. None of it has fixed my postural issues.

Yesterday I was treated by Dr. Amir with his Atlas treatment and I have - for the first time that I can remember- had a normal posture, free of any neck pain and stress, free of any tiring forward head bend and free of any lower back pain. The treatment took 20 minutes or less, was painless and is quite simply the most miraculous treatment I have ever received. Even my posture when riding my bike and writing this at my computer has transformed and is pain free. I will be sending all of my training clients and athletes to receive the atlas treatment without hesitation."
Mr. M. Weeks, July 2008

A recent article pronounced: "Supply-driven marketing, also known as "Have Drug — Need Disease and Patients," not only turns the nation into pill-popping hypochondriacs, it distracts from Pharma's drought of real drugs for real medical problems. Of course, not all diseases are Wall Street pleasers. To be a true blockbuster disease, a condition must:

  • Really exist but have "huge diagnostic wiggle room" and no clear-cut test;
  • Be potentially serious with "silent symptoms" said to "only get worse" if untreated;
  • Be "under recognised," "under reported" with "barriers" to treatment;
  • Explain hitherto vague health problems a patient has had;
  • Have a catchy name — ED, ADHD, RLS, Low T or IBS — and instant medical identity, and;
  • Need an expensive new drug that has no generic equivalent."

Experience shows that perhaps ME/CFS, FM, MS, RA have already been hijacked into these "incurable" diseases needing permanent medication until death do us part.

Improved posture: Here is some feedback regarding our son's treatment. Andrius wakes up more rested and has more energy during the day. His posture has improved greatly and it seems that it allows him to breathe more deeply.

Also it looks like his lower jaw tends to stay more forward naturally. He is not as straight upwards as he was just after treatment, but so far his posture is good and feeling the benefits of the treatment. Andrius from time to time checks the posture himself without us reminding him to keep straight. The impression is that whatever needs to flow in his body (energy, blood) it can flow more freely now.
Birute Mazeikiene, July 2008

Walking taller: As I explained when I saw you, I noticed a big difference immediately after my appointment. As I walked back to the station I felt taller and as if I was standing up and walking straight for the first time ever. The change was so pronounced I could feel muscles working in my lower back that I had not been aware before, and it almost felt as if I was leaning backwards.

By the next day it felt like my back had adjusted and it was as if I had always been straight. My posture feels much better when standing and walking (although I still seem to slouch sitting down). Before the appointment the bones in my upper spine and neck used to click frequently and quite loudly. This has reduced although not completely disappeared
Rachel, July 2008

Walking differently: It is amazing! I'm constantly looking around behind me because I can't believe how well my neck is working! I can feel that I am standing and walking differently, and I have no difficulty keeping good posture, it feels so natural! I wish you had done it 30 years ago for me; in fact my body feels like you have taken 30 years off it! I feel like it should be checked for everyone in the world!
Renata, September 2008

Hip Pains: Thank you for making me feel 20 years younger! My sister, Jenny O'Keeffe, whom you are working miracles with in terms of her MS, gave me a birthday present of a consultation with yourself to see if I could benefit from rebalancing my atlas/axis. I am a keen squash player, but in the last 7 years have had considerable hip and knee pain, necessitating 5 operations and many, many visits to a physiotherapist to try to work out why I was experiencing pain and how to mitigate it. I really enjoy playing all racquet sports and do not want to give them up, but at times it was just too painful to carry on; not only on a squash court, but just walking normally was difficult. What I didn't realise was that most if not all of it was down to my spine and shoulder girdle and pelvis not being aligned correctly.

Amazing change - deafness & Raynaud's Syndrome

I had the Atlasbalance™ treatment some weeks ago. Prior to that I had been involved in an accident and my neck was injured. The consequence of that was that my breathing had become very shallow and labored. My hands and feet were extremely cold. My appearance was very sallow. I tried all kinds of treatments. I was hospitalised on a few occasions with repeat pneumonia and chest infections. I was losing weight and had a very poor appetite.

I was referred for the correction of the Atlas. After some thought and having heard from a few other patients I went ahead with it. After the correction I was amazed at the outcome. I was sitting in the waiting area when I suddenly realised that I could hear from my right ear which I had never been able to do for as long as I can remember. I next found tingling sensations in my hands and feet and they start warming up. They have stayed warm 5 weeks on and I can see my clubbed nails flattening out with new growth. My breathing has improved amazingly. Over the following 4 weeks my chest has cleared up. My appetite has returned. The hearing on both ears has balanced out. My posture has straightened out completely.

It is the most remarkable treatment in just one short visit.
Patrick McQuade, London 26 Feb 2009

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Visual snow is a transitory or persisting visual symptom where people see snow or television-like static in parts or the whole of their visual fields, 24/7 that is everywhere and in all lighting conditions. It is a persistent disturbance in the entire visual field resembling the static of an analogue TV set.

The severity or density of the "snow" differs from one person to the next; in some circumstances, it can inhibit a person's daily life, making it difficult to read, see in detail and focus correctly. You can get a good idea from this link and perhaps can use the link to ascertain your exact scores in different lighting conditions. Visual-snow-simulator.

The research indicates that no cause for visual snow has been identified, and anecdotal reports point to a multitude of associated conditions, possibly rendering it a non-specific symptom. Sufferers of visual snow having undergone numerous ophthalmic, neurological and psychiatric examinations have found no treatment that can help them..

Amongst the 'Visual Snow' patients I have seen, a large proportion have breathing problems, bilateral continuous tinnitus, migraines, IBS, neck and back pains and jaw asymmetry.

This is a graphical representations of patient symptomatology:Graph showing symptoms common in 'Visual Snow patients

One such patient had a terrible neck pain, IBS and jaw problems. We started treatment with little resolution of the symptoms of 'Visual Snow' in the early stages but her IBS started resolving. Gradually her neck started improving and the 'Visual Snow' symptoms started abating a little.

The patient had not observed any improvement until she lost her dental appliance when she felt that her ‘Visual Snow’ symptoms deteriorated rapidly. She then realised t hat the dental appliance she had been wearing was indeed making a difference to her symptoms. On restarting wearing the appliance the 'Visual Snow' symptoms again subsided as before.

What could be the explanation?

Correcting the Jaw asymmetry resolves the symptoms of most neck pains. Some deep neck muscles in the middle of the base of the head play an intimate role in proper eye function. The deepest layers of muscles (the suboccipital "star") are crucial and have the highest number of stretch receptors. Their connection, from eye movements to coordination of the rest of the back musculature, is remarkable.

These muscles have been shown to have 36 muscle spindles/gram of muscle tissue. The gluteus maximus, by comparison, has 0.7 spindles/gram. That is a 50-fold difference

Back muscles

To feel their connection to eye movements, put your hands up on either side of your head with your thumbs just under your skull at the back middle of the head. Try and feel past the superficial muscles to get to the deep ones under the occipital ridge.

Close your eyes and then turn your eyes to the right and left while your other fingers keep your head from moving. You will feel those little muscles changing tonus ( means muscle tone, the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles) under your thumbs even though your head is not moving. These little primary muscles are responding to your eye movements.

Look up and down and you will feel other muscles within this set engage in a similar way. Try to move your eyes without these muscles moving and you will find that it is impossible. They are so fundamentally connected that any eye movement will produce a change in tonus in these sub occipital muscles.

What are the implications:
It appears that the balance, hearing and vision senses are intimately affected by the state of these deep suboccipital muscles. A disturbance in the muscle tone at the base of the mid occiput perhaps upsets the ocular and auditory pathways causing in some the effect perceived as 'Visual Snow'.

This picture also shows how the back spinal muscles are literally suspended from the areas controlled by the suboccipital muscles. We have repeatedly seen how correcting the jaws which in turn corrects the Atlas vertebrae/. The correction of the symmetry of the upper spine immediately corrects the asymmetric hips most people suffer from - also known as the short leg phenomenon. The tension in these sub-occipital muscles is also the cause of most headaches and migraines.

The way these muscles interact with the eyes is exemplified by a falling cat which always lands on its feet
 Falling Cat

When a cat finds itself in the air, it uses its eyes and inner ear to orient its head horizontally. This puts certain tensions into these suboccipital muscles, which the brain "reads" from the stretch receptors. Based on this reading the brain "unwinds" the spinal muscles to organize the entire spine from the neck down, so that the cat's feet are under it before it ever hits the carpet.

A patient wrote on the internet:

“I've had visual snow for as long as I can remember............  I only occasionally get tinnitus; not ringing but more like I'm a mile away from a rock show.  Sometimes I still look around wondering "Where is that music coming from?!" only to realize I'm the only one vaguely hearing it.............. 

I was studying massage therapy and was getting a head/neck massage from one of the 2nd year students.  She worked on the muscles in my neck then did a sub-occipital release.  

Your sub-occipital muscles are literally the muscles that move your eyes, and "releasing" them is just literally stretching them out causing them to relax.  

I don't know if it worked right away.  However, I do remember going outside to catch the bus home.  It was night... and I just looked around, totally amazed.  No snow in the darkness!  The headlights of the cars and the street lights didn't have monstrous halos!”

Another patient replies:

"I am suffering with muscle tension every day and I do get that feeling like when you hold

Neck pain

your breath and try to make your head red (pressure type feeling) that is actually just caused by blood that isn't flowing through enough... 

I suffer from very heavy VS.  Can't go outside to do anything anymore without getting back with a headache that lasts for days! all i can do is relax at home...

it started with pain in my neck my VS increased like  80% "

Another comment by a reader:

I saw an ophthalmologist a year or so ago who had spent 5 years researching visual disturbances. He said he'd met people who had similar problems to me with the things moving when they're not, jumping vision, colours not being right, flashing, blind spots, halos, strobes and bright colours when you've got your eyes shut. Anyway he said they'd never found a cause but noted the similarity in other apparent symptoms and patient history, for example previous head injury, non-binocular vision, fatigue, IBS, dizziness, tinnitus and headaches.

What does this all mean?

What I deduce from extensive studies and experience is that 'Visual Snow' is not an isolated symptom. It is part of a broader picture where patients suffer from which are very amenable to treatment. It should therefore be possible to bring about a resolution of 'Visual Snow' symptoms.

The inter relationship of the ear organ with vision and the occurrence of migraines and other related symptoms as listed in the graph are well established. I shall just quote a couple of studies:

The Vestibulo–ocular reflex:

The vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) is a reflex, where activation of the vestibular system causes eye movement. This reflex functions to stabilize images on the retinas (when gaze is held steady on a location) during head movement by producing eye movements in the direction opposite to head movement, thus preserving the image on the center of the visual field(s). For example, when the head moves to the right, the eyes move to the left, and vice versa.

The association of Tinnitus with a history of Migraines.

In this population-based study, the risk of cochlear disorders, especially for tinnitus, was found to be significantly higher among patients with a history of migraines. This finding may support the presence and/or concept of "cochlear migraine."

Christmas post from my first 'Visual Snow' patient:

"Thanks for all your help and support over the past year. This time last year I would not have been able to write this card"

This article appeared in the newspaper "MailOnline" on the 31st of January 2016:

Agony of the patients with 'eye tinnitus' who have been misdiagnosed for years.

The article says:

"‘Visual snow might be for the visual system what tinnitus is for the auditory system,’ say researchers.

They believe that making it a separate condition will lead to more research, a better understanding of the causes, and to specific treatments.

Curiously, it was discovered that  patients had an increased risk of tinnitus, the perception of phantom sounds, typically a ringing in the ears"

Comment: I advocate quite the opposite. All the symptoms are connected to each other and the only comprehensive approach which works is through the correction of the jaw and other related asymmetries as extensively pointed out on this website.

Here is a testimonial from a second 'Visual Snow' patient.
24th August 2018
Google review:
Alan Faulconbridge

Before visiting Dr. Amir, I had experienced terrible migraine and migraine visual aura along with a rare unknown condition known as visual snow syndrome. After finding out that my jaw was not correctly aligned and was causing lots of tension around my neck muscles I decided to undergo Amir's treatment. After a few weeks into treatment with a removable brace, the migraines and visual aura associated with migraine stopped completely. The visual snow and its symptoms also reduced around 50% - 70% over time and while it's still there to some minor degree, its minor enough for my brain to ignore it and forget its presence. I fully recommend visiting Dr. Amir as his treatment approach is unique unlike any other.

Many other patients who had milder symptoms resolved quite easily.

Conclusion: 'Visual Snow' symptoms appear to be quite treatable through the correction of jaw asymmetries which appears to be the fundamental cause of all the symptoms shown in the graph earlier.

PS I can only confirm this after I have successfully treated some 10 patients with real debilitating symptoms of Visual Snow.

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Visual Snow
Dr. M. Amir BDS, M.Sc, (London) L.D.S., R.C.S. (England), Dental Surgeon
Revised April 2019

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Dr. M. Amir BDS, M.Sc, (London) L.D.S., R.C.S. (England), Dental Surgeon
Revised April 2019