What causes Asthma? This article shows the link between an asymetric jaw and Asthma

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Sun, 25.01.2015 14:31
This does sound very credible to me, lets hope we get the o pportunity to try it for ourse lves. There is another v [...]Comments ()
Tue, 06.01.2015 22:46
David Healy summarises the cor ruption we are up against in m edical care. "Most Western countries have signed up [...]Comments ()
Fri, 24.10.2014 15:34
*Big pharma has an interest in rich people being sick Wha t profit is there in a healthy population? If everyone [...]Comments ()
Wed, 17.09.2014 16:16
Another example is Lemtrada (f ormerly known as alemtuzumab o r Campath 1-H). This was forme rly licensed as a drug t [...]Comments ()
Wed, 17.09.2014 15:58
An example is Dimethyl Fumerat e an antifungal in condemned Chinese sofas voted as the mos t allergenic molecule by [...]Comments ()
Wed, 17.09.2014 14:11
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1990 at the age o f 21. My mobility had graduall y got worse over the yea [...]Comments ()
Fri, 12.09.2014 17:03
Karen Thank you for an intere sting question. There is a gre at deal of confusion out there and I totally avoid rea [...]Comments ()
Fri, 12.09.2014 16:39
Hi Dr Amir, do you think that a Forward Head posture is caus ed by incorrect jaw position i n all cases? I assume th [...]Comments ()
Fri, 05.09.2014 15:48
The description of the disease seems to change according to the drug that’s being marketed . -Ray Peat, PhD Ther [...]Comments ()
Mon, 21.07.2014 19:04
What a load of cobblers - what are the DMTs being pushed for ? Billions! http://www.gene ngnews.com/insight-and-i [...]Comments ()
Thu, 19.06.2014 21:45
"it does strengthen the sugges tion that PPMS, which is curre ntly considered untreatable, m ay respond to drugs that [...]Comments ()
Thu, 19.06.2014 12:59
And here the utter failure of the diagnostic 'evidence' to p rove the ludicrous 'sub-types ' of MS! PPMS vs. RRM [...]Comments ()
Doctor M. Amir about Treatment for Jaw asymmetry
Wed, 18.06.2014 07:43
For those who do not know what the two procedues in jaw reha bilitation mean: Arthrocent esis: is the clinical pr [...]Comments ()
Tue, 17.06.2014 23:19
I saw this post on a TMJD page on Facebook and thought that I would share it here. Would y ou have any specific adv [...]Comments ()
Tue, 06.05.2014 03:32
Hello A very interesting inqu iry! When I was learning th e Atlasprofilax method (Not fr om Atlasprofilax) my tra [...]Comments ()